Clinical Research Coordinator

Anum has been with MCR since June of 2020! She holds a Bachelor's degree in biological science, and has previously worked as a volunteer at the Pediatric/PICU. Anum has research experience in the following indications; arthritis, gout, hot flashes, UTI, and asthma. Her favorite part of research is being able to learn so much on a daily basis and being able to contribute to patient's future medical success! 


Research Physician

Kram began working with MCR in August 2019! Kram has worked in Clinical Research for over 4 years. The dynamic and detail oriented aspects of this field have always been his points of interest. As far as specialties, he has worked with internal/family medicine, cardiology, and neurology to name a few! As a medical graduate, he continues to deliver life changing solutions through clinical research, while sharpening his skills to become a future healthcare provider. 


Research Assistant

Yasmine began working with MCR in April of 2019! She was born and raised in Houston, Texas, and graduated with a B.S. in Biology from the University of Houston. She previously worked in diagnostic services and specialized testing where she studied diseases to understand the affects it has in the blood as well as the organs. Her favorite thing about research is that it’s all about discovering, learning, and sharing new things to improve the world around us! 



Mr. Buhay works with Pharmaceuticals and Contract Research Organizations to manage, conduct, and retrieve quality data from clinical trials. He believes that participating in clinical trials yields a vast number of benefits for physicians and their patients. He has worked with physicians whom all have exceeded in reaching clinical trial enrollment goals allowing clinical trial participants the opportunity for alternative treatment methods. He is also currently serving as COO and Alternate Administrator at IPR Healthcare System, Inc. He holds a Master’s in Business Administration with majors in Accounting and Finance from the University of St. Thomas.


Business Development Lead

Brooke has been with Mercury Clinical Research since 2017! She is the Business Development Lead whom handles all communications with CRO/Sponsors, and also develops new relationships within the clinical research world. Brooke graduated from Texas Tech University with a Bachelor of Arts in Public Relations, as well as a minor in English. Her favorite part of research is developing trusting relationships with each Sponsor/CRO representative she meets as well as contributing to the development of new pharmaceutical drugs.


Clinical Operations Manager

Vincent has been with MCR since May of 2018! He moved to Houston from his hometown, Guatemala in 2010, and has been involved in research for over 9 years. Vincent negotiates all of our budgets and contracts, as well as handling all of the day-to-day business operations. Vincent graduated with a Master’s in Business Administration with concentration in finance from the University of St. Thomas here in Houston, Texas. His favorite part of research is being able to witness the benefits the patients receive from participating in clinical trials, as well as the advancements in medical treatments.



Senior Clinical Research Coordinator

Michelle started her career with MCR in August 2018! Michelle has over 10 years of research experience, in a wide range of indications associated with Neurology, Internal Medicine, Pediatrics, Podiatry and many more. She was born in the beautiful city of Manila, Philippines. She has a degree in Medicine and Surgery from the University of Santo Tomas, and has participated in research as a Regulatory Coordinator, Study Coordinator, Clinical Research Associate, and Medical Manager. Michelle’s favorite part about being so involved with clinical research is that it is patient centric, and truly is beneficial to the patient’s quality of life.

Erlinda ‘Lyn’

Quality Site Manager

Lyn started her career in research with Mercury Clinical Research in 2016! She has worked with several indications including Podiatry, Internal/Family Medicine, Orthopedics, and Pediatrics. Lyn earned her DDS at the University of the East College of Dentistry. Lyn’s favorite part of research is the excitement of new advancements in medicine. She is able to participate in these trials and challenge herself daily, and enjoys learning new things every day.


Clinical Research Nurse

Katherine started her research career with MCR in 2017! She has worked with multiple indications including Podiatry, Internal/Family Medicine, Orthopedics, and Pediatrics. Katherine has a Nursing degree from the Perpetual Help College of Manila, and is also a Texas-registered nurse. Her favorite part about research is the concept of innovation. According to Katherine, there is not a dull moment in research. She enjoys being a part of something that could potentially bring drastic improvements to healthcare!


Administrative Assistant

Ashley has been working with Mercury Clinical Research since November 2019! She was born in Arizona and studied Brain and Cognitive Sciences at MIT in Cambridge, Massachusetts. She previously worked at Partners Healthcare, a nonprofit network consisting of Massachusetts General Hospital and Brigham and Women’s Hospital, as an Administrative and Research Assistant. She assisted with the medical device clinical research studies, where they would test several applications and devices to determine their efficiency and accuracy. She enjoys taking on new tasks and learning more about the research process at MCR.


Clinical Research Coordinator

Bibiana started her career with MCR in 2019! Her professional goal is collaborating with people at all levels of the health system, and the primary outcome is to improve patient care. As an International Medical Graduate from Pontifical Xaveriana University in Bogota, currently pursuing a Master degree in HIV disease; she transitioned from the clinical to the exciting research field to continue changing lives in a larger scale through clinical trials.


Clinical Research Coordinator

Rosibel has been with Mercury since March 2020, however she has been working in research since 2006. She was born in Honduras and received her Associate Degree in Accounting.

She has worked with several indications including, Endocrinology, Rheumatology, Cardiovascular  and Family Medicine. Her favorite part about research is being able to be on the front-line of ground breaking advancements in medicine.


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